The Qayeem Story

Here is the story of 3 brothers who are passionate about fashion and paying attention to their look. They found that it had become difficult to find tailor-made thobes that were customisable to their liking in France. With a trip to the Sultanate of Oman, they discover the traditional Omani outfit: The Dishdasha.

A customisable qamis from A to Z. They decides to set up a system to facilitate the community to obtain it and leave free recourse to their imagination, whether it is at the level of the compositions of fabrics, colors, or anything else for that matter. After a first experience in sales via their social networks, they decided to take the next step by creating their own brand: Qayeem was born.


Our brand name Qayeem comes from the Arabic قيم, which defines something of value or a determined person, made to achieve great things.

Which is in line with Qayeem’s mission:
Bring the necessary innovation and lifestyle, through our products to awaken the potential and inspiration of each of our customers, employees and partners.

Our values

For unlimited innovation, we believe in the creativity of each of our interlocutors, whether they are our customers, suppliers and employees. We listen to everyone in order to captivate the slightest idea. Each suggestion proposed will be studied and implemented to make it a reality.

The most important thing in all our actions for the sustainability of our brand, our products and the relationship with our partners and especially our customers.

The quality of our products and our services are at the heart of our process of seeking customer satisfaction. Handicraft work; noble materials; concern for ecology. We put quality forward in each of our products. We also aim for quality in our relations with our collaborators and employees in order to exercise in a healthy working environment.

Respect for oneself, for the brand, but above all, for others is an important thing that we try to convey in our products. This also involves meeting deadlines, commitments in terms of returns, security of transactions and confidentiality of customer information. An integrity that is also conveyed through a mixture of cultures omnipresent in our products.

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